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When Should You Sealcoat Your Driveway?

The vast majority of driveways in the United States are made of concrete and asphalt.
A driveway is an important part of your property that needs to be maintained in order to get the most years out of it as possible. One of the ways to do this is through a good sealcoating services albuquerque nm company. Not only does sealcoating make your driveway last longer, it also improves the appearance dramatically. In many cases, if done correctly, it can look almost brand new!


Before you sealcoat your driveway, it’s important to completely clean the surface so it is free of debris and puddles of oil or other substances to make sure that you get the best results for the application. The debris and substances on the asphalt can prevent the sealcoating from adhering to those areas properly leaving them open to more damage. Once your driveway has been sealcoated, it will be easier to clean leaked from the surface of the asphalt.

Another issue that needs to be addressed are cracks in the asphalt. While many are just caused by pressure and age, moisture entering these cracks and expanding can make them far worse. This is especially a problem in colder areas where the cold conditions can freeze the moisture causing it to expand. If you notice a significant crack, it’s a good idea to go ahead and fix it even if you aren’t planning on sealcoating any time soon.


A worn-out driveway can detract from the appeal of your home. It takes up a considerable area of yard space and is one of the first things that people notice when they pull up to your home. Even if the asphalt that makes up your driveway is in good shape structurally, there is a good chance that it has faded since it was first installed. Not only will you and your family enjoy their nicer looking yard, but your visitors will as well. If you make the decision to sell your home, you are adding to its curb appeal which can get you a better selling price.


It’s better to seal your driveway during certain parts of the year over others. Experts suggest getting your driveway sealed during the fall and summer months when the temperature is predicted to stay above 50F and won’t be raining heavily for around a day until the sealant dries completely. Many suggest that you seal your driveway in the fall right before the winter hits, so it is freshly protected through the whole season. By filling in the damage and sealing the asphalt, it will also be easier to remove snow and ice as well.

It’s important to remember that cracks in the driveway are more than just aesthetic. If you don’t maintain your asphalt, the damage can extend to the deeper levels of the structures that make up your driveway. If this happens, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace and you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of tearing up your yard to do it.