Five Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer

Keeping your carpet clean in the summer can be a difficult task. With your kids being out of school and summertime celebrations happening regularly, the threat of a carpet stain is looming around every corner. Fortunately, there are always solutions that can be used to help you prevent carpet stains before they happen. We’ve provided you with five tips that you should use to prevent your carpet from getting dirty this summer.

Stain Protector for Your Carpet

There are plenty of stain resistant treatments that can be applied to your carpet. While the protector won’t prevent all stains from happening, it can most certainly act as an effective deterrent. Though stain protectors are usually applied by a professional, you can apply it yourself if you feel comfortable enough.

No Shoes Policy

Shoes tend to bring in gunk, so you’ll want to make sure people remove their shoes at the door before they come in. While a doormat is effective at helping brush off dirt that is stuck to shoes, it still isn’t effective enough to remove all of it. Your safest bet is to simply ask that all guests remove their shoes before stepping foot on the carpet to prevent any stains from occurring.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming regularly will help eliminate stains and get rid of dirt that is stuck in your carpet. Doing this regularly will help prevent future stains from happening, as well as keeping your carpet smelling fresh. Be sure to apply a carpet deodorizer while you’re vacuuming to give your carpet a pleasant smell. This will also help fight bacteria that is nestled in your carpet.

Treat Stains Immediately

Time is precious if a stain occurs. There is only so much time until the stain solidifies and becomes harder to remove from your carpet. Have your cleaning solution nearby in the event of a spill. This way you will have it nearby if someone causes a stain on the carpet. This will speed up your cleaning process and remove the stain before any damage can be done.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning

When all else fails, call in the professionals to help you with your carpet. Though you can call the professionals if a stain becomes too severe for you to remove, it is recommended you schedule carpet cleaning services denver co once a year. Carpet cleaning equipment can deep clean more effectively than we could if we scrubbed our carpet by hand. This will ensure your carpet will look clean and smell fresh for longer.

Be Sure to Maintain Your Carpet

Stains can happen when we least expect them. Someone can spill their drink while watching the game, kids can run through the house with mud on their feet, and we can simply just drop food by not paying attention. Use these tips to help prevent any damage happening to your carpet. If you need a deep cleaning, be sure to schedule your carpet cleaning. Make sure to give your carpet the treatment it deserves to keep it looking clean longer.