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Causes of Terror Attacks as Indicated by Investigative Commissions

For a very long period of time, the world has experienced terrorism. Iran and Iraq are some of the regions that have experienced terrorism activities in the world. Terrorism can only be stopped and controlled after understanding the source from which it comes from. Regions experiencing terrorism have set up commissions to investigate the causes of the terror activities in the regions. The commissions investigating the terror activities have reported that political leaders are at the forefront of organizing terrorism.

One of the ways in which terrorism is supported is through funding. Government organs keep contact with the terrorists and in this way, they are able to give them funding. Security and shelter can be given to terrorist groups who are working hand in hand with a given government. Plan and execution of terrorist attacks can then be done without fear of being caught. There are several groups of terror who have confessed of having been supported by the government to carry out terror activities. Most of the time, the terror activities are executed to avenge for political and religious differences. The religious differences between Islam and Jews has seen to it that Islamic countries attack the Jewish countries. Iran has been among the countries that execute terror activities against their religious enemies.

People experience terror attacks because their rivals feel the need of being religiously superior. Political affluence and the need to feel superior also leads to the execution of the terror attacks that are experienced. The position of being a superpower country is admired by many, and this has led to more competition in search for the post. Superpower nations must exhibit the defensive prowess and the skills of war. Countries that have political rivalry do the experimenting of weapons against each other to see their missile prowess. The terror attacks lead to the loss of lives, destruction of property and bitterness among people of different countries. Iran has had religious and political rivalry that might stir up the terrorism plans and attacks. The countries have also been forced to counterattack Iran’s activities by organizing stronger terror attacks as vengeance. The world has seen more dangerous terror attacks due to the unending and repeated terror attacks that continue to happen.

The people who are involved in the terror activities are the young people who are convinced beyond doubt that violence is the best method of gaining power or justice. The terror troops give the young people excitement of having power and this makes many young people join them.

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