Insurance adjusters specialize in determining the value of insurance claims. Some of them are hired by insurance companies themselves, while others work for the public. It’s important for property owners to know the difference between the two.

Independent Adjusters

Independent adjusters are hired by third-parties who specialize in homeowners’ insurance claims, although they may also offer other forms of insurance. They are not directly employed by these insurers but do adjust claims on their behalf. An independent insurance adjuster is essentially a specialist to whom insurance claims are outsourced by the companies providing the policies.

These independent adjusters are required to comply with state licensing requirements. Companies frequently make use of their services after natural disasters or other circumstances lead to a higher than usual number of claims. Companies that don’t have the resources to take on the responsibility themselves may also hire independent adjusters to routinely negotiate on their behalf.

It’s common for insurance companies to use independent adjusters more frequently in remote or specialized areas. These often include things like forms of property damage done by rare animals that are not often seen in insurance claims or evaluating damage to remote mountain homes that are far off the beaten path. No matter why they have been hired, though, the bottom line is that independent adjusters work directly for insurance companies, not for policyholders.

Public Adjusters

Public adjusters work on behalf of the public rather than an insurance company. They can be hired to make their own assessments and reports, which property owners can then submit to their insurance companies for payment. Since they only get paid on commission, they are motivated to help property owners get the claims that they deserve and are thus often hired to assure that the report offered by the independent adjuster has not cut any corners to avoid more substantial payouts.

The Take-Away

Policyholders who want to ensure that they are getting the best possible payout on their claims should look into hiring public adjusters. This will ensure that the adjusters hired by their insurance companies are not finding ways to minimize reports of damage to avoid larger payouts. Learn more about the role these professionals play online today.